Carmelo Leggiero

Carmelo Leggiero

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First Name * Carmelo
Last Name * Leggiero
Username * MonteCristo
Country * New Zealand
Languages EnglishItalian



Availability: Freelance


My name is Carmelo Leggiero, and I'm 25 years old from Italy.
I enjoy playing games , watching movies, and Cartoons.

Who I am ? …

Well … I’m a hard working, amusing, friendly person and love to work in team.
I always try to improve my skills and to learn from my friends and supervisors.

Before knowing Animation, I was a Pizza Maker, in Wellington ( New Zealand)
until the day I met some customers (Riggers and animators) coming from WETA DIGITAL. That day my life changed.

I started to study animation, alone with passion and my inseparable book “Animators Survival Kit”. After 2 months I got my first internship position.
Then Animation Mentor became available, and after more sacrificies, I decided to pay for my first class.
The school gave me all the information, tricks and tips and the good hope to go forward.
I had mentors like Cassidy Curtis (Dreamworks) Sean Sexton (Dreamworks) Robert Russ (Pixar ) , who helped me to understand even better what animation is, and how things works.

At the moment I work as Character Animator for Ambient Entertainment next Feature Film.